Above image: Claire Webb, Charlize Beth and Hannah Marwick at their model workshop

We host Model Development Workshops all over Australia. This is where we have scouted and developed some of our top faces who have since received international modelling opportunities, such as Beck Hume, Hannah Marwick, Megan Moore, Claire Webb and Charlize Beth. 

We have limited places available in each workshop, as we like to create a small intimate environment. Please see below 2019 dates in each city, to receive an application form and more information please email stacey@azaleamodels.com.au or read our FAQ below.


Can I attend the AZALEA Models workshop more than once?
No sorry - we have never accepted or encouraged girls to come to workshops more than once. There would be no point in it, because all of the workshops are the same. If you have read otherwise then you are reading misleading information.

What will I learn or get out of it?
Over the two days you will take part in six classes that run for 90 minutes each. Including two photo shoots, runway, skincare and makeup, social media and styling, and model 101. You receive three complimentary photos, and the rest are available to purchase from the photographers if you wish, purchasing photos is NOT mandatory.

What kind of photos will be taken, and are the coaches and photographers reputable?
You can see some examples to the left of some images that were taken at our workshops in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. We always find the best and most respected coaches to teach at our workshop, and the photos received are ALWAYS the best quality. Photographers include Kamilla Musland, Adam Stanley and Tijana Lilic. We have only our top walkers teach runway, and our favourite makeup artists to teach about skincare.

Why should I come along to the AZALEA Models workshop?
Coming to our workshop is not mandatory. Those that come to our workshop are genuinely interested in learning about the fashion and modelling industry, and learning about if it is right for them. It is an educational and interactive course - some girls leave with the knowledge and aspiration to work in other parts of the fashion industry such as fashion styling, photography, creative direction and makeup.

Why do you put on workshops?
Our workshops are our main scouting platform, and it enables us to travel around the country to meet girls in different territories. We’ve been lucky enough to travel to areas like Hobart and Townsville to scout in places that we wouldn’t usually be able to.

Does doing a workshop guarantee a position with AZALEA Models?
No. We have always been very clear about this, we do not sign everyone that comes to the workshop. If you have been accepted into the workshop it is because we see potential or we feel that you would benefit from attending, but that does not mean that we will definitely sign you.

I don’t want to come to a workshop or I have been to one somewhere else. How do I become a model with AZALEA Models without going to a workshop?
We invite everyone to send in images of themselves to stacey@azaleamodels.com.au, with your height, age and location. And if we are interested in representing you then we will arrange a meeting.


Perth: 30th September & 1st October 2019
Adelaide: 8th & 9th October 2019
Melbourne: 7th & 8th December 2019