azalea; noun: [a-zay-lee-ah]

1. A vibrant and voluminous flower symbolising

purity, femininity and an abundance of beauty

2. The best damn mother modelling agency in Australia

Since their inception in South Australia in 2013, AZALEA Models is now regarded as one of Australia’s top mother modelling agencies,

after scouting and developing faces such as Gemma Cowling, Beck Hume and Angel Allan. Working closely with the largest interstate and

international agencies in the world, they are able to ensure that their models have the most potential for influential and lasting careers within

the fashion industry. With a dedicated and personal family team, we are able to maintain high standards when scouting new faces,

while taking on a nurturing approach to the management of our talent.

‘We are so excited to have not only built up a board of beautiful girls and boys, but also a little family of some very intelligent,

kind, hardworking and easy going human beings. We’re very proud of each and every one of them.’

- Stacey Hendrickson, Creative Director and Head of Development


To be considered for our agency, please send through head and full body snaps to stacey@azaleamodels.com.au along with your height and age.

To enquire about making a booking please email us at anne@azaleamodels.com.au